Our Core Values and Why We Became A Charity

Northants Parkinson’s People are concerned that local people affected by Parkinson’s, who find themselves lonely and isolated are under-supported. This group of people is growing due to population growth and an increasingly ageing population, plus the estimated prevalence and incidence of Parkinson’s in the UK is expected to grow. Prevalence of Parkinson’s is expected to rise by around 18% between 2018 and 2025 to over 168,000. By 2065, the prevalence and incidence numbers are predicted to have almost doubled.

Parkinson’s is a complex, variable and unpredictable disease. It is difficult for people to comprehend if they have no experience of the many diverse symptoms. Northants Parkinson’s People are aware of how important it is to connect with others who do understand and who can truly empathise with the difficulties individuals face. Many say our groups have been their lifelines and are extremely grateful for the mutual support they receive. We wish to expand this work and are mindful that, as the disease progresses, being able to access support groups will be more problematic, often impossible. This is why we have a telephone friendship service and plan to provide a dedicated visiting service in the near future.

We are aware there is a national organisation providing generic telephone support, which we will link into. Being a local charity, we can add local knowledge and information which is a great tool to bring about positive conversations and reminiscing opportunities. To talk about how the town was years ago, what school you went to, which cinema frequented or which village one lived in is very positive and rewarding. These types of conversations forge strong mutual friendships with solid connections, especially when both parties also understand the underlying difficulties of Parkinson’s. The National Parkinson’s charity provides generic information about the disease and has a National helpline. This charity has reduced its frontline services over recent times, reducing support workers, peer support services and self-management groups. We wish to be a self-governing local charity who can assure the local community that any funds raised will be spent locally on people affected by Parkinson’s.

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