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Newsletter 030
October 2021

The one where Angela gets us all flexible. Doug tells when the ‘Jolly Cobblers’ battle for the charity shield. Sylvia show how to get rid of a glut and Mimi reports from far away on that wonderfull delicacy that is Spam!

Newsletter 029
September 2021

The one where Doug gets to the bottom of things. We have stuffed mushrooms, gardening, a quiz, jokes. Dave does a bit of electronic warfare and Phil looks up at the stars.

Newsletter 028
August 2021

The one where Sylvia gets a big gold star. Doug calls out people who are ignorant about Parkinson’s. We have cake, gardening, two quizzes, jokes. Dave shows us his radio set-up and Mimi gets a heated loo seat!

Newsletter 027
July 2021

The one where we go back to zooming Fit’nFab, we hear from our European member, Doug tells about when the Queen Mum came from Northampton. We introduce NYPD and the weather is cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

Newsletter 026
June 2021

description coming soon…

Newsletter 025
May 2021

Description coming soon…

News Letter 024
April 2021

We talked about freezing and how to overcome it last month, This month the weather is freezing!  So settle down for Poetry, Quiz, Funnies and Gardening. Sylvia, Doug, Harry, Dave, Phil and Angela fill the pages, We’ll see you all soon, its been ages!

Newsletter 023
March 2021

The one where we talk about freezing and how to overcome it.  Doug (our roving reporter) gets all togged up. Sylvia springs into action with gardening tips. Poetry Corner continues and we add a jokes section.

Newsletter 022

The one where we send out some thanks, Doug (our roving reporter) gets the lowdown at a CRT Seminar. Sylvia sows and sets. We get our own Poetry Corner.

Newsletter 021

The one where we finished off the Christmas Pud and saw in the new year.  We squeezed a few walks in between lockdowns. Sylvia started the gardening year with growing and planting tips. 

Newsletter 020

The one where we get set for Christmas, Doug (our roving reporter) gets the lowdown on research. Sylvia tames some carnivores, Robots invade Wootton and homegrown fennel flavours the Sunday roast.

Newsletter 019

The one where we get set for another lockdown Doug reports on the charities commission AGM  Sylvia tidies up in the garden! a spicy apple chutney is on the stove

Newsletter 018

The one where we talk about Council tax reductions, Doug goes on an adventure to Norfolk.  Sylvia gets a bit fruity in the garden! Brioche and Jaffacake pudding and Chili Jam recipes warm you up. 

News Letter 017

The one where we announce this website’s launch. We present a History of Parkinson’s Support in Northamptonshire. We thank some of the many people who have and are helping us to support people with Parkinson’s in Northamptonshire.

News Letter 016

The one where Sylvia’s gardening tips include lots of recipes. Doug and family go on their 1st Holiday. There is an update on PIP during Covid-19 and we get the lowdown on LPA.

News Letter 015

The one with Sylvia’s gardening tips.  Flourless Chocolate Brownies, Benefits review, a review of Nordic Walking. Doug leaves the Army, they might want their Tank back

News Letter 014

Still in lockdown, but we are still zooming along. We talk about social funding, some gardening tips from Sylvia. some entertaining evenings on Youtube, dip into a biscuit quiz and follow Doug’s adventures in Singapore. 

News Letter 013

The one with the Brazilian Coconut Chicken Curry in it, to hot? cool down with a Rhubarb and Vanilla cake. All the regular columns and  some pics of our Zooming Fit and Fabbies too.

News Letter 012

The one with Sylvia’s gardening tips. Tips for video calling. Doug walks on the grass in Malaysia circa 1969. Self Isolation muffins, get them while they are hot!

News Letter 011

The one with Sylvia’s gardening tips. Simon gives Parkinson’s a hard time II. Doug feels the heat in Malaysia circa 1967. The Keep Safe Scheme and NYPSG Plan a grand day out

News Letter 010

The one with Men in Sheds, Sylvia’s gardening tips, Simon gives Parkinson’s a hard time, Doug feels the heat in Aden circa 1965 and some of Grans ‘facts’ are in fact not.

News Letter 009

The one with Santa’s fun run (yes we know that elf!) Sylvia’s Gardening tips, Apple and Cranberry Brown Betty with Almond Crumbs, Frankenturkey a Christmas tale of caution, Northampton Castle a history we should all know round here.

News Letter 008

The one with Beware the scammers, Doug – Part 7 all grown up and in Germany, Sylvia’s Gardening tips, Crumpets lovely crumpets, Tea Toast and entertainment a fireside story, Bla Bla Bla the app for voice therapy.

News Letter 007

The one with Virgin Money London Marathon, Part 6 of Dougs army Adventures, Sylvia’s Gardening Tips, Not so assisted Tube Journey, Carrot cake.

News Letter 006

The one with Why I dance, Doug’s Army adventures, Sylvia’s gardening tips, Assisted train journey,  No-Knead Honey and Oat Bread.

News Letter 005

The one with Living with Parkinsons, FitnFab Summer boat trip, What three words, Sylvia’s Gardening Tips, Banana Loaf.

News Letter 004

The one with Part 4 of Doug’s Boys Army days, Sylvia’s Gardening Tips, Chilli Tomato Soup, part 2 of Simon’s Book.

News Letter 003

The one with Charles Bradlaugh, Nordic Walking, Part 3 of Doug’s Boys Army days,Everyday Fruitcake, Sylvia’s Gardening Tips, part 2 of Simon’s Book.

News Letter 002

The one with World Parkinson’s day, Painting with Parkinson’s, Part 2 of Doug’s Boys Army days,excerpts from Simon Ingrams latest book, Sylvia’s Gardening Tips, Radio Parkies, Chilli con Carne.

News Letter 001

The one that started it all. Part 1 of Doug’s Boys Army days, walking football, Poles in the park. Sylvia’s Gardening Tips, Fridge cake and Steak Fried Rice.

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