Join Us

Why Join us?

We are a membership organisation. Having a wide membership, which is open to all, makes us stronger, more connected and better able to support each other.
Our members have rights to:
  • Influence how the charity is run*
  • Have powers to elect Charity Officials and be voted onto the committee*
  • Amend the constitutional document*
  • Vote on how funds are spent, what activities are provided and influence future plans of the charity*

*in the best interests of the Charity. (see ‘Membership Rules ‘ in Charity Policies)

Our membership offers: **
  • Join our activities, benefit from our services and receive one to one support.
  • Have a meaningful role in the running of this charity (big or small).
  • Participate in a like-minded supportive community & support us to support you.
  • Receive subsidised/reduced costs for activities and outings where applicable.
Membership Donations

We hope you will agree to join us and donate an amount for your yearly membership, (you do not have to donate the same amount each year). If you cannot afford to donate, please join us anyway because we understand everyone’s situation is different. All money donated to Northants Parkinson’s People is spent locally on supporting people affected by Parkinson’s.

(** If you would like to take time to consider whether to join please still come along to an activity or give us a call for a chat. We still want to support you, but we will not be able to offer subsidised or reduced costs for activities and outings and only members have a say in the running of the charity).

Please see our terms and conditions: ‘Membership Rules’ in Charity Policies.

If you are already a member and wish to donate a single payment or regular direct debit, here is a link to our donation page.
We also have a couple of ways you can help us without costing you anything, please look at the ‘Other Ways to Help’ section on our Donate page
If you prefer to donate by standing order, please call our helpline or use the contact form


If you prefer to join by post, please download the form here


If you would like us to post you a joining form please call our Helpline or use the
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