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We hope our site is easy on the eyes for most people but we understand that sometimes reading webpages can be difficult.  We have installed an accessibility aid so you can easily change text size and contrast if required. It floats on the right side of the page just below the header bar. 
To Use:
  • Click the icon and select the font and colour enhancement best for you.
  • Click the icon again to hide the menu.
  • Click ‘Reset’ to set fonts and colours back to the original style.
We have looked for a way to present our pages audibly. In testing we found the results to be very different depending on the device and browser used to display the site.  
We recommend using a Browser Extension that when set will give you consistent results on ALL WEBPAGES not just Northants Parkinson’s peoples
Please see the detailed instructions for your
preferred browser below
There are several browser extensions that will read a webpage available. We recommend one called READ ALOUD.  This extension is available for Chrome and Firefox. Its also pre-installed in Microsofts EDGE Browser so if your preferred browser is EDGE you are already set to go.
NPP Site Feedback form
Use this form for all Comments, Suggestions and Questions on Northants Parkinson's People Website
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