Angela is our volunteer providing the helpline. She has a healthcare degree and has personally been supporting people affected by Parkinson’s for ten years. 
So if you phone the helpline,  use the contact form or email [email protected], your message will be handled promptly and professionally and we will contact you with the next steps
Help with the Paperwork

If you need any help with applying for benefits, with housing, obtaining care services or just a chat
please call, or use the contact form link at the top of the page.
Friendship Calls

We are supporting people with weekly friendship calls and this service is growing.  it’s not only people with PD, close carers and ex carers also benefit from these calls. We just phone and chat, its been especially needed during the Covid-19 lockdown. One of our volunteers, who also has been shielding says the benefit works both ways. PD can contribute to loneliness and isolation just as much as a pandemic. Hopefully, the pandemic will pass but PD is here to stay and we want to support you.

We want to keep in touch and make sure you are doing ok. We have a team of volunteers who understand Parkinson’s and who want to offer you regular phone calls. Chat about anything you like and make a new friend.

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