Our helpline is always open

Ring and leave a message, we promise to call back

Our number is at the top of every page

If you need any help with applying for benefits, with housing, obtaining care,

or anything at all then please call.

Telephone Friendship Calls

We want to keep in touch and make sure you are doing ok. We have a team of volunteers who understand Parkinson’s and who want to offer you regular phone calls. Chat about anything you like and make a new friend.

Exercise Group

We enjoy our weekly sessions at Fit&Fab – an exercise group which welcomes everyone over 60 and people with health issues. Every Thursday at 10am – Abington Church Rooms, Park Avenue North, Northampton NN3 2HT (the first Thursday of the month is a one hour session and all other sessions are two hours and include social time. £4 – carers who come to support partner comes for free)

Friday Walk

Every Friday at 10:30am at Abington Park, Northampton. We meet by the bowling green for a little gentle warm up. We have two trained volunteers who can show you how to Nordic Walk – with poles. We have a short walk and a longer walk to suit ability then we all finish off in the café for drinks and chat.

Tuesday Walk

Every Tuesday at 10:30am at The Racecourse, Northampton. We meet by the car park on Kettering Road. Again, our trained volunteers can show you how to walk with poles. We walk and chat and end up at the Umbrella café for a very reasonably priced beverage.

All our exercise and walking groups are for all abilities. At exercise you can stay seated and work at your own pace. The Friday and Tuesday walking groups are similarly at your own pace and ability. You can use poles, walk with  a stick or walker. If you use a wheelchair come along for the company. If you don’t fancy a walk  just meet us for coffee afterwards, you will be welcome.
Younger Gents Group

This is for men who are more recently diagnosed and just experiencing the early symptoms of Parkinson’s. This group enjoys pub lunches, bowling, snooker etc. and is organised by one of the men who attend.

Younger Gent's Partners

Why should the chaps have all the fun? This is a new group just forming, supporting each other and making new friends with people who understand.

Ex Carers Group

This is for people who have sadly lost their loved ones but who still benefit from supportive friendships with each other meeting monthly for coffee and a chat.

Monthly Meetings

the Corona Virus has put our plans on hold for a monthly meeting but when things return to normal we welcome any suggestions of what works best for you.

Some Parkinson's people enjoying activities

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