We have collected a few photographs and videos of events, social and exercise groups. We present them here in albums for our members  to see

Christmas Party Times - When more than 6 could get together

Remember all those people, maskless and mingling.  One day we’ll all be partying again. Until then you can spot the turkey in this album.

Walk in the Park - Those pre-covid days)

Remember those lovely days in Abington park.  The gang gathered every Friday for a walk together. I even miss the shouting when we warmed up!  After the walk we would go for a coffee and sit out in the sunshine. Oh when will those days return.

Walk in the Park - Covid days

Parkinson’s doesn’t have a day off.  So neither did we.  Masks and flasks replaced groups in the cafe’ and we carried on. We’ll be glad when we can all get back to the old days though!

Waterways days - we always found a pub!

Remember that trip on the good ship Crusader. It never rained (!) Funny how we always ended up in the pub. nobody got seasick and home in time for tea. 

Fit n fab - in the good ol' days before Covid

Remember those Thursday mornings being bullied and shouted at? that lovely feeling when you managed to get the last chocolate biscuit. We’ll be back before you know it. 

Fit n fab - zooming marvelous

We have come a long way in a short time. Zooming through the internet, laughing in the face of technology. Getting our (twice) weekly workout, quizzing with the group, all from the safety of our own homes.

Parkinson's Awareness 2019

Was it that long ago? I wonder who’s idea it was to dress up in silly outfits? well, it was for a good cause.  

We will add to these albums as we get more images.  For additions and deletions please call helpdesk or  fill in an enquiry form 

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